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Herein lies the "Wiki of HESTA"

HESTA's mission is:
To provide the free dissemination of technical information related to the fields of sports and health sciences.

This Wiki enables members to share their knowledge and experiences as we build a valuable information archive. In doing so, we empower members with greater knowledge and resources to better equip them in their careers, building on the knowledge-base for those who follow after us.

Examples of content:

  • Technology Basics (Tech Check Project)
  • how to's
  • how not to's​
  • ideas on how a procedure / manual could be written
  • ideas on how a procedure / manual could be rewritten
  • ideas on how a rewritten procedure / manual could be rewritten
  • ​take ​look at what and how someone did​ something​
  • things to avoid
  • toolbox talks
  • what to use for what
  • where to find what
  • photos, "blueprints", software code snippets, spreadsheets, templates (all open source...)

The Wiki of HESTA is open to HESTA members only.
​Requirement to have access to the secure content: be a HESTA member.

Please Contact Us for information on joining HESTA.


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The Health and Exercise Science Technologists Associationa and its officers:

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  • make no representations as to the availability of the site and the availability of websites linked from or to the site.
  • accept no liability however arising for any loss resulting from the use of the site and any information and data or reliance placed on it (including translated information and data)